Garnet eBooks

Thank you for purchasing an eBook from Bookery! To access please take the following steps:

For desktop users:

  1. Visit Garnet Education and create an account
  2. To find the URL for a Web Edition please navigate to the eBook’s product page and view the ‘Access eBook’ tab
  3. Enter your username and password
  4. You will be given access to your book

For mobile and tablet users:

  1. Download the Garnet Education eBooks app
  2. Register a new account and login
  3. Find the book you want in the bookshelf and enter your code to download it
  4. Your books will then be available for access:
  • For iOS tap on the Categories button and then tap on My eBooks.
  • For Android tap the Sample button and then tap on My eBooks.


For further assistance, please email customer support or call us on (03) 8417 9500