Beginning Reading Practices – Building Reading and Vocabulary Strategies


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ISBN 9780472083947
Author/Editor Folse , Keith
Edition 1
Published 1996-01-01

This beginning-level reading text for students of English as a second language combines the acquisition of reading skills with a focus on vocabulary and grammar. The goals of Beginning Reading Practices are to develop nonnative students’ vocabulary and to strengthen skills that will help them deal with unfamiliar vocabulary. In addition to vocabulary enhancement, the text teaches students important reading skills at a beginning level and how to develop and use these skills through gradual and sequential practices. It also gives beginning-level students lively reading passages at the appropriate language level in which they can apply their new reading skills. The book now includes a list of all the vocabulary taught. The reading skills emphasized in Beginning Reading Practices include using context clues, drawing conclusions, understanding factual information, summarizing material, and reading for enjoyment. The vocabulary has been controlled to match the students’ English ability. The grammatical structures used in the exercises and selections have been controlled to coordinate them with those most likely being studied in any beginning ESL grammar or integrated skills class. The exercises in the text provide not only indispensable practice of vocabulary and reading skills but also further reinforcement of the grammar being emphasized at this level. The book is intended for intensive courses in which at least one hour per day is devoted to reading improvement.