Inside Listening and Speaking The Academic Word List in Context Level 2 Student Book

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Level - 2

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ISBN 9780194719230
Author/Editor Hamlin , Daniel
Edition 1
Published 2015-10-15
Publisher Oxford University Press Australia

Prepare your students for communication in academic contexts and beyond with Inside Listening and Speaking.Explicit skills instruction builds academic listening skills. Using a scaffolded approach to listening, students complete progressively more difficult tasks, gaining confidence, exposure to language and listening ability at the same time. Note-taking strategies help students take notes efficiently and effectively while listening.The Inside Listening and Speaking videos cover a variety of academic contexts including class settings, lectures, presentations, panel discussions, and authentic BBC documentary content. This exposes students to language typical of academia – including vocabulary, register and style – preparing them for the real thing.Speaking is practised in every unit with pair and group work to help students build confidence. Presentation skills are taught explicitly to prepare students for academic work. Each unit ends with Discussion Questions to expand the topic and practise speaking with the focus shifted from language to content to help prepare students for future academic discussions. This multi-faceted approach to speaking ensures students are able to successfully communicate in academic contexts.Pronunciation instruction in each unit focuses on specific areas of speech, such as intonation, stress and linking sounds, ensuring that students become clear, articulate speakers.The Academic Word List is systematically incorporated into every unit across all five levels. Students first self-assess to check their familiarity with the vocabulary before encountering the words in context. Based on a corpus of 3.4 million words, the Academic Word List (AWL) is the most principled and widely accepted list of academic words. By focusing on the AWL students learn words that are useful and relevant in a variety of academic contexts.iTools for all levels is available on a single USB for easy access. You can display the book on screen and use a range of tools to focus the class on key teaching points. The USB also includes customizable Unit, Mid-term, and Final tests to evaluate students’ progress.