Real Grammar: Understand English Clear and Simple


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ISBN 9781925497670
Author/Editor Eldridge , Carl
Edition 1
Published 2016-09-09

Real Grammar is a self-study book aimed towards intermediate learners of English who are looking to improve their writing skills, their grammar ability, and become more effective communicators. Real Grammar focuses on teaching students why grammar is used the way it is, which helps them to truly understand English. Within the book students discover the core concepts of English and gain a deeper understanding of how English works. Once a learner understands the simple connected core concepts of English, they can be used in a variety of situations to express a wide range of ideas. Real Grammar explores English grammar in a logical way, connecting what students learn with what they already know.Real Grammar features simple explanations, clear diagrams, real life examples, and meaningful practice. It is a fantastic self-study guide as well as being an excellent teaching resource.