Helping teachers and learners since 1992, Clarity English programs are ideal for the classroom or supporting independent learning. Partnering with The British Council, Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press, Clarity have received numerous awards for their quality products.

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Practical Writing


Practical Writing is for students at Intermediate to Advanced level who need to use written English both at school and in their personal life. Learn more >


Road to IELTS         

Road to IELTS is ideal for IELTS preparation. The interactive activities, advice videos, and practice tests are aimed precisely at the challenges candidates face. Learn more >


Tense Buster

Helps learners improve their understanding of 33 key grammar areas from some/any at Elementary level to phrasal verbs at Advanced level. Learn more >


Dynamic Placement Test

Use the Dynamic Placement Test to place your students in the correct CEFR bands quickly, conveniently and affordably. Learn more >


Active Reading

Help your students improve their reading in an effective and systematic way. Includes dozens of texts, video, audio and stimulating activities. Learn more >


Study Skills Success

A comprehensive course in academic study skills: focuses on language skills as well as critical thinking, independent learning, seminars and research. Learn more >


Clear Pronunciation 1 (Sounds)

Help your learners recognise and pronounce 43 English phonemes through activities, audio and video. Learn more >


Clear Pronunciation 2 (Speech)

Focuses on the features of natural, native-speaker speech: consonant clusters, word and sentence stress, connected speech and intonation. Learn more >


Results Manager

Links with Clarity’s content programs to produce a detailed insight into student activity. Generates class, student and content reports. Learn more >