Password English Testing



Enhance your in-house testing with world-leading independent assessment from Password English language testing. Password tests are easy to set up and operate and run securely in a wide range of environments in over 120 countries around the world.


Password for Universities & Colleges

Password tests are used by universities and colleges to facilitate student recruitment and uphold academic standards, including;


  • High stakes admissions purposes
  • The examination of students following a pre-sessional, foundation or English language programme
  • The assessment of students joining or progressing from a twinning or off-shore programme
  • Screening on arrival


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Password for Language Schools

Password tests are used by language schools requiring standardised, reliable testing for individual students, aligned to the CEFR. Password tests are used for;

  • Screening on arrival
  • Progress testing
  • End of course testing


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Bookery is the exclusive distributor of Password English language testing in Australia & New Zealand. For demonstrations, no-obligation trials and pricing please don’t hesitate to contact the Bookery team (03) 8417 9500 /